Special Practice 19th June 2019 at Bletchingdon

Eleven ringers from seven towers came to last night’s special practice at Bletchingdon, with Plain Hunt and Grandsire Doubles on the agenda.
We kicked off with Plain Hunt on 5 for Mandy, Gus and Andy, helped by Jeremy, Judith, Sue, Rosemarie, Anne and Fay.
Next we tried Churchyard Bob with Sally on Treble, giving a gentle introduction to hunting over all the heavier bells in turn.

Turning to Grandsire, we rang a 120 Change touch with Judith, Fay and Anne inside and also some plain courses with Sue on 3 and Rosemarie on 5.

We had Sally in again ringing treble to Plain Hunt on 5, Judith helping, which was her best effort to-date, making great progress. I think Sally was quite pleased afterwards. Well done, Sally!

During a break in Ringing we presented Mandy and Rosemarie with their ART LtR Level 1 and 3 certificates, respectively, and Rosemarie received a card and mounted photos of favourite towers and ringing moments, as she will be sadly leaving us for Germany shortly.

Back to Grandsire, another first was achieved, this time Andy trebling with increasing confidence to some plain courses. Well done to Andy.

Gus was inside again, consolidating no. 3 to Plain Hunt.

Finally, we rang a different 120 Change touch of Grandsire, showing Rosemarie work at bobs and singles, before ringing down.

A really good practice. Well done to all and thank you to Jeremy, Fay and Anne for leading and helping us.

Rosemary receiving her ART certificate