Plain Hunt Practice at Bletchingdon 14th January 2024

Fourteen ringers came to today’s Plain Hunt practice at Bletchingdon, where we were very grateful to have Hugh, Jane, Ruth, Christine, Judith and Barbara as helpers (but also to get a bit of a challenge themselves), and Liping, Michael, Sally, Vikki and Charlie to practice their Plain Hunt and trebling.

After raising the bells we had a bit of a theory session where we walked through plain hunt on two out to six, noting the patterns and similarities between even bell and odd bell hunting, also discussing course bells and after bells.

Michael and Liping rang treble to Churchyard Bob as well as to Plain Hunt Doubles and were getting the rhythm nicely at the end.

We warmed up with some regular plain hunt for Sally on the four, then mixed 2, 3, 4 and 5 up, also with Christine and Barbara inside.

Charlie and Vikki rang treble to short touches of Grandsire Doubles, which also gave Ruth some practice at ringing the three half-hunt.

All our regular ringers got practice at Plain Hunt medley, hunting from two to five, then we pulled off in Queens and went Plain Hunt medley again, giving our helpers a bit of a challenge as well!

To finish Judith and Ruth rang inside to a plain course of Plain Bob Minor and Liping and Michael did one final set of courses of Plain Hunt on the three, before a very reasonable lower on six, with Liping and Vikki inside. We took the obligatory photo of the team.

Another really successful practice, many thanks to all our helpers.

Branch Practice 11.01.2024 at Weston on the Green

Twelve ringers came to tonight’s Branch Practice at Weston, which had a strong turnout of six from the local band. Anne, Michael, Michael, Kathryn, Judith and myself from other towers.

We rang a number of rounds and call changes, kaleidoscope long places and Switcheroo for Michael, Tracy, Pam and Gilly. We also rang a number of courses of plain hunt with Tracy on five and Michael on three, as well as Plain Hunt on six, Grandsire Doubles (plain courses and a touch), Plain Bob Doubles for our more experienced ringers. 

Good trebling by Mandy to Plain Bob Doubles and Andy stepped in to ring three to Grandsire Doubles.

Finally, a lower of six led down by Gerald, finishing in rounds.

We took the obligatory photo at the end, but unfortunately failed to take it before Anne and Michael M had made their escape!

Next Branch Practice is at Piddington in two weeks time.

Steve Vickars

Branch Practice at Bletchingdon 22nd November 2023

Fifteen ringers came to tonight’s Branch Practice at Bletchingdon, run by Ringing Master Jeremy Adams with Kathryn and Teresa in attendance.

We also welcomed two more Stratton Audley ringers: Linda and Julie for their first visit to Bletchingdon. John also came, and benefitted from the several sets of rounds rung for Linda and Julie, getting used to the five and the tenor.

We rang several plain courses of Bob Doubles for Vikki, Barbara, Christine and Andy inside and for Charlie trebling, as well as a nice touch with Julie affected on the three and also an attempted touch for Christine unaffected on the four.

We also rang nice touches of Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Minor with Kay, Jeremy, Graham, Kathryn and Teresa.

Finally we had some nicely struck Plain Hunt on 5, for Charlie and Christine, even after swapping the bells around, before a nice lower on six, with Vikki, Christine, Julie and Andy in the band. We then got the chance to take the obligatory team photo.

A really nice practice. The next Branch Practice should be on 6th December at Charlton-on-Otmoor (providing they can open the trap door to the ringing chamber!).

May be an image of 11 people

Steve Vickars

Nadine graduates from Ringing Handling School

At Saturday’s Ringing School , we welcomed three students from Standlake for the first session, then David, Michael and Nadine to the second hour.
I’m really pleased to report that Nadine from Witney successfully passed her Learning the Ropes Level 1 assessment.
We then took the opportunity to give our students some practice ringing rounds, call changes and Kaleidoscope exercises using the Simulator – a first experience for some of our teachers too!

Nadine gave this summary of her experience of Ringing School:

“I am thrilled to have completed the bell handling course. I just want to thank all the teachers who put so much work into me. Their patience, encouragement, and expertise are inspirational. All those comments in my blue log book will remind me of all the hours they gave so selflessly. Thank you, everyone who makes this ringing school such a success!”

Sarah presenting Nadine with her graduation certificate

Ringing School’s 10th Graduate this season

On Saturday 1st July Liping Liu from Kirtlington passed her ART LTR L1 assessment at Dorchester Ringing Centre and therefore has now graduated from Ringing School Handling sessions. Liping is the 10th Ringing School Graduate in the 2022/2023 season. Many congratulations!!

At the Kirtlington practice on 3rd July Liping was presented with her Ringing School graduation certificate and her ART LTR L1 certificate. She is now starting to practice Foundation level exercises aiming for her LTR L2 assessment.
Well done and just reward for your hard work, Liping!

If you are interested in finding out more about Oxon Ringing School, get in touch with or

Liping receiving her certificate

First Quarter Peal for Mandy 28th June at Bletchingdon

Very big congratulations to Mandy Jones who this evening secured her first Quarter Peal at Bletchingdon, ringing tenor behind to Plain Bob Doubles, achieving some very nice striking.

Teresa, Hugh Deam, Jeremy and Judy provided excellent support, forming a secure team for the quarter.
We were joined at the end by Mandy’s husband Ian and two daughters Becca and Louise who brought fizz and cake to celebrate the achievement.

Mandy said later: ” I’m beyond chuffed and so grateful to the help and encouragement from Steve, Teresa, Jeremy, Hugh and Judy and all the local bellringing community.

The record on Bellboard is to be found at:


Latest Graduate from Oxon Ringing School

Last week’s Foundation practice at Witney was attended by four ringers at Learning the Ropes Level 2.

We practiced Full Pull and Stand, a full set of call changes for the Witney Branch Striking Competition called by Laura, “Twister”, “Twinkle twinkle Little Star”, Mexican Wave short places, more call changes called by Debra and “Big change, little change”.

At the end Laura received her LTR L1 certificate. Well done Laura!

Laura stated her appreciation of Oxon Ringing School with the following comments:

Bell ringing school has been very helpful because when I got to the school I was barely putting both strokes together. I got to experience new bells and also got to see different points of views from other ringing teachers. It is good that I could see different people teaching it in different ways. I want to thank everyone who helped me over the last couple of months.

Laura receiving her ART LTR Level 1 certificate

Another teacher accredited in Bicester Branch

Thirteen ringers came to tonight’s practice at Kirtlington, where Judith led the majority of sessions as part of her ART Foundation assessment, with Susan and Mark assessing the practice.
I am really pleased to announce that Judith passed the assessment and will shortly be receiving her certificate of accreditation in teaching Module 2F, congratulations!

We had a good number of ringers at Learning the ropes Level 2, including Debbie and Rachel from Witney, Nick and Pinda.
After raising the front six in two threes, Judith called a number of quick-fire call changes, then a practice involving one of six ringers making a deliberate mistake and three non-ringers facing outwards.
Next a theory session on call changes for Liping, with six holding numbers and moving place when their bell was affected in a called change. This was then put into practice with the same six ringing their bells called to Queens and back to rounds.
Next was a session of Mexican Wave involving Short Places starting with each pair announced, then repeated with no prompts. Good to note that Julie rang the five for the first time changing places.

While Judith went off to hear feedback from Susan and Mark, the rest of the band practiced Kaleidoscope short places starting at backstroke and full pull and stand, after a number of even blows determined by each team member in turn.

Finally, we rang up the tenors and practiced ringing rounds and a few call changes on all eight, followed by call changes to Queens and back on the front six, before Susan led us down lowering all eight.
Finally we took the obligatory team photo.

A really good practice. See several of you at Witney tomorrow and Middleton Stoney for branch practice on Wednesday.

Ringing for the King in Bicester Branch

Our ringers have been very busy over the Coronation weekend ringing to celebrate the occasion. Below are some summaries and photos of our exploits.

On Friday 5th May a band of mainly Bicester Branch ringers rang a Quarter Peal at Kirtlington before the pre-Coronation musical event, then Kirtlington ringers rang before the Kirtlington Coronation Service Sunday 7th May. Over the weekend, many villagers chimed (“dinged”) the bells and signed a special book which will be donated to the village archives.

the Quarter Peal band at Kirtlington
ringing team for the Kirtlington Coronation Service
Kirtlington School ringers
Emily Dinging for the King

Nine rang at Weston on the Green, including new recruits Pam and Tracy. Afterwards 80 villagers came and ”Dinged for the King”

Ringers for the King at Bletchingdon. And a great turnout of ‘dingers’!

the band at Bletchingdon

Bicester ringers rang at Caversfield and Bicester on Saturday morning.

the band at Caversfield
Bicester ringers

Ludgershall Ringers rang on Coronation Day including two new learners. They followed up with a Quarter Peal of mixed doubles on Monday 8th.

Ludgershall Ringing for the King
Quarter Peal Band
The band at Ludgershall

On Monday 8th May, eight ringers from Ambrosden, Stratton Audley, Islip and Kirtlington rang rounds and call changes on the bells at St Marys Ambrosden. Well done to Leandro on his first ring on these bells!

Eleven Islip ringers rang before the Abbey service on Saturday morning – particularly special for us as Westminster Abbey, the location for all coronations of English and then British monarchs since 1066, was originally built by St Edward the Confessor who was born in 1005 in Islip. Our ringers included three teenagers, one of whom was ringing in a band for the first time About 60 from the village turned up to ‘Ding for the King’ on Bank Holiday Monday.

In Woodeaton, five ringers from Islip rang on Sunday afternoon before the village party and then 20 from Woodeaton ‘Dinged for the King’.

Sellout at Branch Practice at Weston 13th April

Fourteen ringers came to Thursday’s Branch Practice at Weston, where our branch officers were out in force, including President Jeremy Adams, Vice President Teresa Carter, Secretary Kathryn, Ringing Master Richard Haseldine and Treasurer Anne Martin. The large numbers meant that several had to stand on the stairs when not ringing.

After ringing up the back four we rang some plain courses of Grandsire Doubles for Gerald and Diane inside, with Nick trebling, followed by rounds and call changes for Pinda, Tracey and Pam, assisted by Andrew and Gerald.

Andy rang four observation to a touch of Plain Bob Doubles and Mandy rang three to a couple of plain courses of Grandsire Doubles.

After more rounds and call changes Richard called touches of Stedman Doubles and Bob Minor and the Weston team practiced several courses of Plain Hunt on five, before we lowered all six.

Best of luck to those going on the Branch Outing this Saturday as well as to those going on the Radley Course!

Next Branch Practice will be at Piddington on the 3rd of May.