Branch Practice 8th January 2019 at Bicester

Twenty-two ringers from nine towers and three branches attended tonight’s first Branch Practice of 2019 at Bicester. Officers of Branch and Guild were well represented, with Ringing Master, Deputy Ringing Master and Secretary; we were also honoured to welcome Katie Lane our Guild Ringing Master, as well as Colin, our area Steward plus four other experienced ringers from Adderbury, who are currently having work on their tower.

We started with rounds and call changes on nine, including Gus, Sue, Fay and Chris, followed by Plain Hunt on 7, for Sue and a first for Gus.

With a very capable group of ringers we were able to practice a number of touches of Plain Bob Triples with Kathryn, Ellie, Ian and Jan, a nice touch of Stedman Triples, called by Richard, as well as plain courses of Plain Bob Major and Plain Bob Caters (nine working bells).

For Ann and Ellie we rang a touch of Plain Bob Minor and we also had time to return to Plain Hunt on 7 for Gus, Sue and Anne, before ringing down the back eight in peal.

Sadly this was Ellie’s last Branch Practice with us before she moves up to Yorkshire. Best of luck to you, Ellie! Come back and ring with us again soon!

Next Branch Practice is on Thursday 7th February at Weston on the Green. Hope you can come and support the new band of ringers there.

Happy New Year to you all!

Steve Vickars