Focussed Practice 16th February 2020 at Bletchingdon

A very successful Focussed Practice this afternoon with a strong band of helpers to support five of our regular ringers progress in trebling and inside to doubles and minor methods.

Sue M rang 3rd inside to plain courses of Grandsire Doubles, then trebled to a touch of St Simons bob doubles.

Sue C rang 3rd inside to plain courses of Grandsire doubles, then trebled to Plain Hunt Minor and two plain courses of Bob Minor, a first.

Gus rang treble to a touch of Plain Bob Doubles, then to plain courses of Bob Minor, for the first time. Well done, Gus.

Judith rang inside to touches of Grandsire doubles, practicing different work bobs and singles at and near lead.

Charlie rang inside to different touches of Grandsire Doubles, in the end without a stander (not needed), and also trebled to a plain course of Cambridge Surprise Minor, for the benefit of Benjamin.

I think everyone got a “prime ring” and will have gained confidence in their chosen work.

Our helpers were rewarded with tea, coffee and cake, brought by the students, and was much appreciated.

I hope to arrange a further session on 1st March, more focussed on Plain Hunt and trebling to doubles. Watch this space!

the band of students and helpers

the band of students and helpers

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