Bicester Guild Meeting

On Saturday 22nd November the Bicester played host to the Guild Committee Meeting. The meeting was preceded with some ringing for those who were attending the meeting (there was some ringing on the 10 (plain hunt on 9) and the highlight for the Bicester tower captain was a touch of Stedman Triples which he had not tried for many years). The meeting was held in St Edburg’s church hall where around 50 guild members attended a (fairly short) meeting to disseminate information from all the sub-committees and to decide on some proposals (such as the Guild subs for 2015 – kept at £8 per person) and the announcement of the results of the 10 bell striking competition held earlier in the day at Long Crendon. This meeting is also an opportunity for branch secretaries to collect the autumn issue of Odd Bob (so be on the look out for Kathryn weighed down with large quantities of paperwork at the next few branch events!). A buffet tea was provided by the Bicester ringers with donated cakes from the Islip ringers – a feast with a surprising number of leftovers – the Banana Bread was a lovely treat at the Bicester practice on Monday night, and I am still eating leftover sandwiches!