Branch Practice at Bletchingdon 22nd November 2023

Fifteen ringers came to tonight’s Branch Practice at Bletchingdon, run by Ringing Master Jeremy Adams with Kathryn and Teresa in attendance.

We also welcomed two more Stratton Audley ringers: Linda and Julie for their first visit to Bletchingdon. John also came, and benefitted from the several sets of rounds rung for Linda and Julie, getting used to the five and the tenor.

We rang several plain courses of Bob Doubles for Vikki, Barbara, Christine and Andy inside and for Charlie trebling, as well as a nice touch with Julie affected on the three and also an attempted touch for Christine unaffected on the four.

We also rang nice touches of Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Minor with Kay, Jeremy, Graham, Kathryn and Teresa.

Finally we had some nicely struck Plain Hunt on 5, for Charlie and Christine, even after swapping the bells around, before a nice lower on six, with Vikki, Christine, Julie and Andy in the band. We then got the chance to take the obligatory team photo.

A really nice practice. The next Branch Practice should be on 6th December at Charlton-on-Otmoor (providing they can open the trap door to the ringing chamber!).

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Steve Vickars

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