Branch Practice at Middleton Stoney, 7 June 2023

Ten ringers went to tonight’s branch practice at Middleton Stoney, including Teresa and Jeremy. The local band was represented by Linda and Hilary, who rang up and practiced a number of plain courses of Grandsire Doubles, which we came back to throughout the practice and by the end was sounding very reasonable.

We were really lucky with the weather and were able to enjoy a superb late spring evening in the rural setting of Middleton church. For Diana we rang a number of call changes called by both Jeremy and Teresa, and this time Diana’s experience of ringing the Middleton bells with their long draft was much better. Andy, Graham and Judith joined in ringing plain courses of Bob Doubles and we also a to uch of Grandsire Doubles for Michael affected on the three.It was nice to also ring several courses of Plain Hunt on six, getting the rhythm of the bells going well.

Steve Vickars