2022 AGM Notice and Agenda. Guild Reports and Minutes from 2021

The Notice, Guild and Branch Report and minutes from last year’s AGM are available below.

Branch Practice at Islip 07/12/2021

10 members of the Bicester Branch from 4 towers) came to Islip on Tuesday for a Branch Practice – we were joined by our Guild Master, Katie Lane, which made us all perform better! For those of us who usually ring plain hunt on 3,4 or 5 bells, ringing on 7 was a bit of a challenge and forced quite a lot of quick homework!

We were all more comfortable with Grandsire Doubles – and it was great to have enough to stand by to ensure success with some of our less experienced ringers.

Kathryn Grant

Branch Practice at Bicester 23/11/2021

Fifteen ringers from six towers came to tonight’s Branch Practice at Bicester, including Sally Cross, Gerald Bushby and Dinah, ringing there for the first time.

We started with some rounds and call changes on six for Pinda and Dinah, then a few plain courses of Grandsire doubles with Sue Carter and Gerald on the hunt bells, Judith Vickars inside and Sue Macready covering.

It was good to see Sally master the six and tenor to plain hunt doubles, before we rang the back four up and did rounds and call changes on all ten, with Gerald getting his first go on that number. We then rang some nice plain courses of St Simons doubles for Kathryn Grant.

On to a touch of Grandsire doubles, with Judith inside, before more rounds and call changes for Dinah and Pinda and an attempted touch of plain Bob minor with Anne inside, getting to the final set of Bob’s before firing out.

Our final blast was to ring all ten again, with Judith and Dinah in the team, before ringing down the front six and back four, with some good striking.

Well done everyone, hope to see people at ringing for the Christmas tree festival at Ambrosden on 4th December and branch practice at Islip on 7th December.

Steve Vickar

First Quarter Peal at an improved Weston on-the-Green

Big congratulations to Gerald Bushby of Weston on-the-Green for achieving his second Quarter Peal on 7th October 2021, and the first at Weston since the improvements to the ringing chamber and rope circle as well the first there by a member of the team re-formed in 2018.

In the team for this special occasion were appropriately ringers representing the Oxford Guild: Tony Crabtree, conducting and ODG Deputy Master, Lesley Belcher, Chair of ART, Susan Read, head of the ringing school at Abingdon, Jeremy Adams, joint Ringing Master Bicester Branch and Steve Vickars, Branch Training Officer.

Many thanks also to Mandy Jones for laying on some wonderful refreshments after the event and taking the team photo. Thanks also to Jeremy, Lesley and Susan for staying on afterwards for some ringing practice with the Weston Team.

The Bellboard event is at: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1463208

The new team at Weston is a real recent success story of a band reforming and there appears to be a prospect of re-starting handling practice for the Weston recruits that started early 2020 just before the Pandemic.

There have been many very favourable comments about the improved ringing facilities at Weston. I hope you get the chance to ring there soon.

2021-10-07 QP at Weston

Quarter Peal at Middleton Stoney, 3 September 2021

I was very pleased to be part of the band that rang a Bob minor quarter peal yesterday at Middleton Stoney, most ably conducted by Alison Merryweather-Clarke, with Charlie Bates who returns to Uni this weekend and to whom the quarter is dedicated. Thank you Charlie, for your support this summer, best of luck with your studies and see you at Christmas if not before!

Thanks also to Andrew Goldthorpe, Anthony Williamson and Michael Haynes for making up the team.

The Ringing World BellBoard entry is here: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1458695

Steve Vickars
4th September 2021

the band treble to tenor, left to right

Branch Practice at Weston, 2nd September 2021

A very creditable 13 ringers from five towers came to tonight’s branch practice at Weston-on-the-Green, kindly hosted by Gerald and Andy.

For many it was their first visit since the improvements had been completed to the ringing chamber ceiling and to the rope circle, if not their first visit altogether. It is now a very welcoming space and should be the location for many quarter peals in future.

We are very sorry that Mandy, Jeremy and Richard couldn’t join us, due to needing to self-isolate.

After ringing up we rang some rounds and call changes with Dinah, who is learning at Islip and who appreciated visiting another tower and meeting other ringers.

We rang several plain courses of Grandsire doubles, called by Charlie and Teresa, as well as plain hunt on five, with Andy showing that he hasn’t forgotten how to ring the three to it. Well done Andy.

Some more rounds and call changes for Dinah, then we managed to complete a plain course of Bob Minor at the third attempt, with James on treble and Willie rolling back the years taking two. Kathryn, despite strong reservations, also showed it could be done on four, Teresa on three and Charlie on five.

Finally, we attempted to ring the front five down in peal, where Andy kept behind the treble very nicely. I hope to see more of our Weston friends at Bletchingdon, Islip and Kirtlington in future!

Please don’t forget to put our next branch practice on 29th September at Middleton Stoney in your diaries. See you then!

Steve Vickars
2nd September 2021

Branch Practice News

13 ringers from 6 towers came to the Branch Practice last Wednesday at Bletchingdon – some of us even remembered how to ring Grandsire Doubles! Earlier that evening Gerald Bushby rang his first quarter – Plain Bob Doubles – congratulations to him!

Our next scheduled branch practice is on Thursday 2nd September at Weston-on-the-Green at 7.30pm when we can admire the work done to make the bells, and ringing them, so much more enjoyable and then on Wednesday 29th September at Middleton Stoney at 7.30pm.

Do come to both/either if you can.

There’s a Ringing Day on Saturday 18th September organised by the Banbury Branch, and also a Tower Belfry course on 23 October which will be useful for those looking after our bells to ensure we can ring in safety.