Abundance of ringers at Bicester Branch Practice 7th March 2023

Estimates put it that we had as many as 21 ringers at last night’s Branch Practice at Bicester, with two recent recruits attending only their 2nd practice.

We kicked off with attempted rounds and call changes on ten, which challenged us to keep a closer gap between the bells.

Next a touch of Bob Doubles on the back six, with Judith affected, which went well.

After more rounds for less experienced ringers we attempted Plain Hunt on seven, which was quite challenging for some.
Sally tenored to three consecutive plain courses of Grandsire, with nice striking at the end.
Sue rang treble to a set of rounds and call changes, while Mandy covered nicely to a touch of Grandsire Doubles, called by Jeremy.

At Gerald’s request we returned to call changes on ten, which went rather better, before we rang a plain course of Grandsire Triples, called by Steve W, with Gerald ringing tenor behind for the first time to a triples method. Well done, Gerald!

Finally we lowered the back eight in peal, with Judith and Gerald in the band, finishing in Queens.

The next branch practice is at Kirtlington on Monday 20th March. See you then!

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