Branch Practice 18 June Kirtlington 2018

10 ringers from 5 towers came to tonight’s  Branch Practice at Kirtlington, including Helen for some more practice at ringing up and down, very close now to raising and lowering all by herself.
We welcomed Rosemarie from Bletchingdon/Yarnton to her first experience at ringing Kirtlington’s bells, and benefitted from the experience of el presidente William Haynes, Tim Hillsdon, Teresa and Sue Carter from Islip, Stephen Cameron, Derek and Judith.
On tonight’s menu was Plain Hunt and Grandsire Doubles.

Derek, Rosemarie and Sue took turns ringing treble or 2 to Plain Hunt on 5, Derek taking a turn also at tenor.
After some call changes, called down by Teresa for Helen, we had some excellent cake and biscuits (left over from yesterday’s focussed practice), then progressed to ringing plain courses of Grandsire Doubles, Sue, Rosemarie and Derek taking turns to treble. All did very creditable striking. Well done!

After an attempted touch of Plain Bob Doubles, we did some Kaleidoscope dodging practice for Helen, Sue and Derek, before giving Sue, Rosemarie and Derek turns at ringing Plain Hunt on 6. Again, some very acceptable striking.

Another good practice, many thanks again to tonight’s helpers.

Steve Vickars