September special practice

On Monday 19th Sept the special practice was attended by just the Bicester band, including one new ringer to the area. We rang Grandsire Doubles (plain courses and touches), Plain Bob Doubles (again plain courses and touches) and a touch of Stedman Doubles which we were very pleased with. A few trips in the methods, but that is why we practice 🙂

Next branch event is the Bicester branch practice on Mon 3rd Oct.. do come along and help the Ringing master celebrate his 40th birthday (the next day).. I think we may have to visit the pub afterwards!

PB Minor practice 16 August 2011

On Tuesday 16th August 9 ringers (7 from the Bicester Branch plus 2 from W&W) had an evening ringing Plain Bob Minor. It became a joke to say: “What shall we ring now?” .. “How about Plain Bob Minor!”. We rang plain courses, and touches with bobs and singles. A useful practice, but it did seem we got worse as the evening went on, rather than better!

Branch social is next on 3rd Sept (with Striking Competition).

Recent lull

The most recent Branch Practice (Stratton Audley) and Special Practice (Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles at Bicester) have been poorly attended (3 and 4 people respectively). Whilst this is disappointing for those who turned up and were unable to ring, we must accept this is a voluntary hobby.

I would like to encourage ringing readers to come to Kirtlington on Friday 5th August – a lovely 8 that doesn’t get rung much these days as there isn’t a local band. Hopefully see many of you there – visitors very welcome!

Anthony Cole
Joint Ringing Master

June Grandsire practice

What a good practice! 14 ringers turned up (mostly) primed to ring Grandsire Doubles & Triples. We had lots of plain courses of Grandsire Doubles, a couple of plain courses of Grandsire Triples and then (in what must be a first for several years) a 168 change touch of Grandsire Triples! Also Jane tried the observation bell for Grandsire Doubles & Ernie tried the 2 for plain courses of Grandsire Doubles. We also rang plain hunt on 7. A useful teaching session that will hopefully move folk on a little and my thanks to all the helpers standing behind the less experienced ringers.

Special practice dates for the diary 2011

Due to some quite variable attendance at the monthly Bicester Triples & Major practices the format has been changed. The new special practices will alternate between Bicester and Islip, on the 3rd Monday or Tuesday each month. Whilst all types of ringing will be provided, I am going to concentrate on a different method or methods each month so everyone will have something to look up and challenge them. For those trying to learn a particular method please I hope these will also provide a useful teaching resource. The dates/methods for the coming year are thus:

Tuesday 21st June Islip Grandsire Doubles & Triples
Monday 18th July Bicester Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles
Tuesday 16th August Islip Plain Bob Minor
Monday 19th September Bicester Plain Bob and Stedman Doubles
Tuesday 18th October Islip Plain Bob and Grandsire Triples
Monday 21st November Bicester Plain Bob and Reverse Canterbury Doubles
Tuesday 20th December Islip St Nicholas & Grandsire Triples
Monday 16th January 2012 Bicester Plain Bob Minor & St Simon’s Doubles
Tuesday 21st February Islip Plain Bob Major & Stedman Doubles
Monday 19th March Bicester Kent TB Minor & Grandsire Triples
Tuesday 17th April Islip Plain Bob Triples & April Day Doubles
Monday 21st May Bicester Reverse Canterbury Doubles & Plain Bob Major

March Triples practice

The triples/major practice this month was a fun evening – 9 ringers banded together to ring Grandsire Triples (plain courses), Kent TB Minor, Plain hunt on 7, Treble Bob hunting and we even tried a course of Stedman Triples – one ringer was heard saying: ‘I may not get this entirely right!’, but at least we tried. All in all a very encouraging evening which swept away a large number of cobwebs.

Feb’11 Triples & Major Practice report

Sadly only 5 people turned up at the February Triples & Major practice so we only rang Doubles and, following a request, Stedman Minimus! I would really like to encourage more people to attend to make these practices useful for everyone.

Anthony Cole
Joint Ringing Master