Ludgershall practice

On Friday 1st August Ludgershall hosted the branch practice where 11 ringers from 6 towers rang quite a wide variety of methods.

After ringing up we started with rounds and call changes and followed that with some plain courses of Stedman Doubles. We then rang plain courses of Grandsire Doubles and then a touch of Plain Bob Doubles before pushing the limits of branch practices further with a touch of St Simon’s Bob Doubles!

Next was more call changes (once the Nintendo DS could be prised from Samuel’s hands and a rope put in them instead :D) Next we rang a touch of Grandsire Doubles – well done Anne with the observation (or half hunt if you prefer) bell. We then rang a touch of Stedman Doubles followed by another touch of Grandsire Doubles.

As we neared the end we rang the Ludgershall special method (Clifford’s Pleasure) and some more call changes (the battery of the Nintendo DS was flat at this point!) before ringing down.

A very interesting practice practising some methods we haven’t for some time and even better, succeeding in ringing touches of them.

Recently we had the Ringing Up & Down course – hoping to have a report produced by a couple of the pupils shortly. We do not have any further scheduled practices in August as too many people are on holiday, but do send the webmaster any good ringing stories if you visit other towers on your holidays.

Next branch practice is at Launton on Tues 2nd September. Hopefully we will have details of the branch striking competition and outing ready soon too. Have a good summer.