Middleton Stoney

All Saints Middleton Stoney

6 bells, 9-2-12 in Ab (GF)

Bell Inscription Weight
Treble Mears and Stainbank Founder London.
Venite Exultemus Domino in usum ecclesipe
D.D. Victor Albert comes D.E. Jersey
4 cwt, 0 qtrs, 13 lbs
2nd Cantate Domino Canticvm Nouvm L Carleton 1717 4 cwt, 2 qtrs, 0 lbs
3rd Henry Bagley made this Ring 1717 5 cwt, 0 qtrs, 0 lbs
4th Anthoney Cony. Thomas Robins Church Wardens 1717 5 cwt, 2 qtrs, 0 lbs
5th Lord Carleton. Anthoney Cony. Thomas Robins Church Wardens 1717
Recast by gift of the Earl of Jersey 1885. W.H.Draper – Rector Jersey. J.Todd. Church Wardens. Mears and Stainbank Founders London.
7 cwt, 0 qtrs, 0lbs
Tenor H.Bagley made me 1717
Let arons bells be continvaly amonest us rung
The word stil prched and Hallaluiah sung
Recast 1883. W.H.Draper – Rector
Jersey. J.Todd Church Wardens
Mears and Stainbank Founders London
9 cwt, 2 qtrs, 0lbs


In 1910 the original oak frame of 1717 was removed and the bells were rehung on a metal frame by Webb and Son of Kidlington. A plaque made from the original 1717 oak frame can be seen in the Belfrey.

Middleton Stoney practice on a Wednesday evening.