St Mary the Virgin, Ludgershall

5 bells, 9-3-16 in G

There are five bells with weights, inscriptions and dates as follows:

Bell Weight Inscription Date
Treble 4cwt. 0qr. 19lbs Nil Nil
2 4cwt. 2qr. 26lbs John Taylor & Co.Loughborough 1889
3 5cwt. 3qr. 11lbs Motif: hearts and flowers.Thomas Lester of London made me.

Edmd. Betts & Thoms. White

Ch. Wardens.

4 6cwt. 1qr. 16lbs Motif: Fleur de lys.James Miller CW.

Thomas Shvrley.

Tenor 9cwt. 3qr. 16lbs John Taylor & Co.Loughborough 1889

We practice on Friday evenings: 7.30 to 9 pm.

We ring for ‘special services’.

The oldest is the fourth bell, dated 1658 and bears the inscription: James Millar CW, Thomas Shurley.

There is a very ornate wooden carved door in the church:

Ornate carved door