Branch Practice at Caversfield 11/11/2021

Seven ringers from five towers and two branches came to tonight’s Branch Practice at Caversfield, including Colin Lee our Guild steward and his nine-year-old son, Simon. Simon is confidently ringing up and down in peal and trebling to doubles methods, and so was a most welcome addition to our band.

We were joined by Anne, Jeremy, Kathryn Grant and Teresa. What was also special about tonight’s practice was that Tina, the Churchwarden and local lay minister, had laid on a wonderful array of cakes with tea and coffee, so all those who didn’t make it should know what you were missing!

We went through a pretty full repertoire of plain doubles methods, including plain courses and touches of Bob doubles, Grandsire doubles, St Simons doubles (with Anne and Kathryn inside) and Reverse Canterbury, for Teresa.

Simon joined us on four for a good lower, ending in Weasels.

The next Branch Practice is on Tuesday 23rd November, at Bicester. See you then!

Steve Vickars

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