Branch Practice 7th November 2018 at Bletchingdon

A numerous eighteen ringers from seven towers and three branches encompassing a wide range of experience, came to Wednesday’s Branch Practice at Bletchingdon,.

For two of the branch’s recent recruits: Sally Cross and Jane we rang Full Pull and Stand, Reducing Rounds, Call Changes and Kaleidoscope, practicing for some of the ringing activities this coming weekend. We saw some good Full Pull and Stand and call changes, while for the Reducing Rounds exercise there were some slightly over-eager ringers on the lighter bells, but one to practice in the future.

We rang Plain Hunt on 5 and Plain Courses of Grandsire Doubles for Sue Carter, Rosemarie, Rosemary, Ernie, Hilary and Jean. Some reasonable striking was achieved, especially as a number of ringers had little experience of ringing the method on their bell.

With a view to upcoming Quarter Peals, we rang touches of Plain Bob Doubles for Sue M, Judith and Ann. Nora and Tim also rang inside and Rosemarie trebled to one of the touches, assisted by Kathryn. A further touch of Grandsire was attempted with Ann, Diana, Kathryn and Jeremy inside, Sally Wale trebling.

We finally rang down in peal, a number of our ringers showing progress also with that.

A busy weekend for most if not all ringers is coming up with the Ringing Remembers and Ring Out for Peace commemorations. The very best of luck to all involved.

Steve Vickars