Branch AGM Practice 5 March 2018

14 ringers from 8 towers attended the ringing practice following the Branch AGM on 5th March, including Colin, our area ODG steward.

After ringing up the back 8, at Helen’s request we rang call changes and Plain Hunt on 9, tenor covering.

After a couple of plain courses of Grandsire Triples we turned our attention to a number of plain courses and touches of doubles, comprising:

  • Two courses of Plain Bob Doubles, clearly called by Ellie, ringing from 2
  • Plain courses of Grandsire Doubles for Helen.
  • Plain Courses of Reverse Canterbury Doubles, with Stephen on 5

Getting more ambitious, we started a touch of Reverse St Bartholomew Doubles (plain courses are same as Grandsire Doubles Singles, Bobs cause a Plain Bob lead end). However, the band was thrown into confusion by the bobs (the work occurs immediately after the bob), so some more theory work is needed here.

Finally, we rang some more Plain Hunt Caters, before ringing down the back 8, finishing  quite nicely.

Hope to see lots of you at the Special Practice at Bletchingdon on 14th March.