Ring for Peace Recruitment event Kirtlington 18 Feb 2018

On the afternoon of Sunday 18th February 2018 Kirtlington hosted a recruitment event for the Ring for Peace 2018 initiative culminating in ringing commemoration events later this year. We had an excellent turnout of helpers including Sue from Bletchingdon, Judith from Kirtlington, Alison Merryweather-Clarke from Witney and Woodstock Branch, as well as Hugh Deam and Paul Lucas from Oxford City Branch. Presiding over the whole proceedings was Willie Haynes.

We had three interested recruits including Rory from Bletchingdon, and Judy and David from Kirtlington, who all had a go ringing part up as well as back stroke and hand stroke, making great progress.

Having a good team of ringers we were able to demonstrate Plain Hunt on 5 and 6 as well as a some plain courses of Grandsire Doubles.

A very promising start for hopefully some new members of the “1400” for 2018.


Judy and David having their first ringing lesson