The Bletchingdon special

On Wednesday 23rd September 12 ringers from the Bicester, Witney & Woodstock and Oxford City branches joined together for the special practice at Bletchingdon.

As with previous practices at Bletchingdon we focused on Grandsire Doubles though this time Plain Bob Doubles was also requested. After a shaky “up” we rang call changes – well done Rachel – and then the first of many plain courses of Grandsire Doubles, interspersed with more call changes. Towards the end of the evening we rang Plain Bob Doubles and then had a discussion on the merits of setting / leaving bells at back stroke and (despite worries about it) had a go at setting the bells at backstroke from rounds .. 5 out of 6 managed it on time! Pulling off from backstroke proved to be more scary for some than setting at backstroke, but really there is little difference in what is going on upstairs – we are just less familiar with setting / pulling off at backstroke. With the bells set at backstroke you can tell how much rope you need for the backstroke when you grab the bell, but not necessarily where to catch the sally – normally it is the other way around and thus is less scary apparently – having been taught the exercise of setting successive times at backstroke I find this isn’t a problem, but it unsettles some. Perhaps more practice at it is required?? I bet that wouldn’t be popular at a branch practice!

Anyway, next branch event is the Branch Practice at Bicester on Monday 5th October so I look forward to seeing lots of you there.