Middleton practice

On Wed 6th June 12 ringers from 6 towers met for the Branch practice at Middleton Stoney.
We started with call changes where I confused the locals by calling up instead of calling down…a discussion of the relative merits of both ways followed 🙂
We then rang plain courses of Grandsire which the local band are working on. The tower captain then encouraged us to try something more advanced so she rang the treble to a touch of Plain bob minor – something she hadn’t rung for many years.
More call changes and some plain hunt on 5 – Ann obviously isn’t challenged enough by call changes any more and managed ok .. well done 🙂
We then had more plain courses of Grandsire with Jen ‘inside’.
At this point my mobile found a signal and went mad delivering 30+ text messages about a power cut at work – I left Jeremy to organise ringing ‘something’ and down whilst I hunted for a strong enough signal to make some calls.
As most of the branch officers were present we held a short business meeting at the end to discuss proposals for the rehanging of Oddington which have been unringable for many years – we decided to support the proposal by offering to cover 10% of the costs from branch funds.
Next practice is at Islip in 2 weeks so hope to see lots of ringers there.